Living life to me is being healthy, patient, and most of all; balanced. We all have out different views on what is healthy eating, clean eating, and what in the end of it really "Works for ourselves" because we are all individuals. My diet is broken down into 60% plant-based; 20% carbohydrates i.e. breads, quinoa; the remaining 20% going to legumes and nuts.

I have always been quite a healthy eater, since childhood I was the little girl eating salads and carrot sticks instead of the pizza and chips. My parents were always big of eating red meat, chicken, and pork. For a very long time, so was I. In the past year, I have made a pact with myself to limiting my consumption of animal product. Not only for the animals themselves, but as well as the health of my own body. I do not eat proccessed foods, neither red meat, chicken, pork. Living on a plant-based diet has not only helped me lose weight, but has helped open my eyes to the cruelties of this world.

I am an animal lover. All my life I have been surrounded by different kinds of animals from kitties, puppies, horses, chickens and even monkies! Through my younger teenage years I was completely oblivious to all the torture that has been going on behind closed doors of the meat industry. I have read, watched, and educated myself to where I have completely changed my way of eating; and the importance I put on what goes into my body. I couldn't imagine going back to my previous ways of eating, as my body does not crave neither enjoy it anymore. For the better! :)

Besides my eating habits, I am an active athlete! I run, bike, life weights and push my body to be the best it can be. For a long amount of time I was overweight (40lbs heavier than I am now) from a moment of my life of, emotional eating, overconsumption of protein, and sweets. I disliked what I saw in the mirror, and promised to change. Now I exercise 5 days a week, Running and always training! I have never felt, or looked better, in my life. :)

In my more personal life, I am also an artist and musician. I daw Japanese animation characters for magazines, comic books and websites. Besides art as well, Piano has been a passion of mine since I was very very young! One day I will share my works on here~ but alas... That is for another time. ♥

In the future I hope to become a full Vegan, and work towards my dream of becoming a Culinary Chef. I am still learning and experiencing new things everyday, and I hope you will enjoy reading !~