Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday Boy ♥

Yesterday, Octorber 1st, was my nephew's Birthday! He turned two, and he is growing extremely fast.

It was lovely to see family again, My grandparents, Sister, and her husband as well as the little munchkin. :) Don't you love family get togethers? Brings back good memories, I am very happy we attended!

My mom, sister and I! LOL! we were purposely pulling ugly faces ;)

Why, hello gorgeous!
Dora cake :) he loves Dora!
Croquetes and pastries...

No thank you!! That's your croquete. I'll have a pastry ;)
I was taking so many photos, everyone was laughing, dancing and partying it up! :) The bf and my sister's husband were lost.... I wonder What they were doing?

Ohhh boyfriend.... that's too cute.
Yeah, my grandpa took a photo of me taking photos. LOL
MOM lol.
The boyfriend ~
Myself.... and......
LOL the boyfriend's creativity. Dora came to the party!!! ;)

After we all ate, spoke, hung out and danced to Yaz (yes, 80's music. I ♥ 80's music) More family came, from my sister's Husband's side. We intoduced ourselves, there were a few piture taking wars, some sexy dance lessons (courtesy of the grandma) LOL and some intense re-inactions of battle scenes from the movie 300.

Candleswere blown, and everyone dug into the cake. It was delicious! Chocolate and Vanilla... I also had a slice of pizza (with cheese removed... thank you boyfriend! ♥ ;) And a few pastries. Not so healthy choices but, hey, it was a PARTY!

and I love cake. (shhh... don't tell anyone)

Q: What's your favorite part of family get togethers?
For me, I love the time everyone gets to spend together. Taking a break from work, and everything to relax with the ones you love most.

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