Friday, September 24, 2010

My Favorite foods (From A-Z!)

I've seen this on quite a few food blogs as of late, and figured I'd jump on the bandwagon as well!

Apples. They're delicious, crunchy, and a perfect balance of sweet and sometimes tart! My favorites are Fuji Apples.
Baba ghanoush. I. love. to use this as a dip for pitas.
Carrots. Give them to me raw, steamed, roasted or thrown into a stew.

Daiya Cheese. Cheese is delicious. Vegan cheese makes me happy. ♥
Eggplant. Between baba ghanoush and this... can you see I really love Eggplant?
Falafel. Give me any kind of middle-eastern food, and I'm a very happy person.
Grapes. Wine, grapes and cheese. Need I say more?\
Hummus. I wasn't joking about loving middle-eastern cuisine.
Ice Cream. You know this one was coming! Who doesn't absolutely adore Ice Cream?! Toffee Ice Cream... *drool*
Jalapeño peppers. Spicy!
Ketchup. On eggs, Vegan burgers, used as a dip (or just eaten straight... hey. I'm weird.)
Lychees. A childhood favorite for me, I can go through a ton of these in one sitting.
Medjool Dates. Can you say Nature's perfect candy? ♥
Noodles. All kinds. Udon, Ramen, Rice, Clear.
Olives. Kalamata, Spanish, Sicilian.
Protein shakes. I have one almost everyday, with fruit, almond milk... blended into a sweet, cold treat.
Quinoa. Replaced brown rice for me! It's so versatile.
Ramen bowls. Now, I'm not talking about Maruchan or Nissin. I'm talking, legit, huge veggie packed, noodle filled, asian spiced bowls of homemade ramen. Healthy comfort food at it's finest.
Salsa. On everything. Eaten alone. I love the stuff!
Toasted bread. Comfort food for me! With almond butter, or some real butter spread on a slice aside a warm cup of joe.
Udon noodles. My favorite of the noodle family. ♥
Vegetables. A give in!

Wasabi. Another one of those foods that I excessively slather over stuff. And kill my sinuses in the process.
Xanthum Gum. Not an edible food by itself, but it's AMAZING for thickening up protein shakes and different dishes.
Yams. Baked yams with some cinnamon and truvia.
Zucchini. Shredded into eggs, raw in salads, baked into breads.

Q: Do we have any in common? What are some of your favorite foods?


  1. I keep seeing people talk about Daiya all over the blog world lately! I'm going to have to grab some next week to try!! :)

  2. Peanutbutter and Pasta make my world go around!