Friday, September 17, 2010

I. love. vegetables.


I went for my 4-mile run, and once I showered and got to relaxing, it struck me that dinner should be made. and fast because, I was craving, roasted. vegetables.

Now, this wasn't a craving that was to be ignored, naturally. You see, there are 5 foods that I cannot get enough of!

Roasted Vegetables
Fresh Salsa
Baby Carrots (roasted, plain, in soups and stews, desserts... i didn't get my name for nothing! ;)
Sorbet (Oh my god, give me some berry sorbet and I'm a very happy girl)
Ketchup (I love ketchup on EVERYTHING.... pretty much everything anyways... ketchup on ice cream?! ewwwww)

Are my tastes strange? I crave carrots? maybe.

So Immediately, I threw together some olive oil, pepper, salt and garlic and poured the mixture over a medley of vegetables. Set the oven to Roast, and in they went!

Om Nom Nom....
Once those were done, I wanted something crunchy to accompany it. Something... warm... salty... cheesy.

1 oz. Lavash Bread, Daiya cheddar and mozzarella, Classico Tomato & Basil sauce and Half a packet of Light Tuna

Oh. and there may or may not have been an extra little serving of ketchup for vegetable dipping. Just saying. I my ketchup.

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